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john & cherylene martin


John Martin

From my earliest memory we went to church.  It was a lifestyle.  Dad was a small crops farmer.  Later he became a minister; he pioneered and built churches and pastored in four Australian states – Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.

I was born-again at the age of 9 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at 14, with many different tongues.  From an early age I was extremely impressed by healing evangelists and ministers that would come from U.S.A. to minister at Richmond Temple, which was pastored at that time by C.L. Greenwood.

I was also greatly impacted by Oral Roberts when he conducted the Melbourne crusade, ‘One Sermon’ and he said, “You can’t go under for going over.”  Oral Roberts also stressed the importance of the point of contact, the reach of faith to embrace the healing or miracle that you need.

The very thing that impressed and consumed me was Divine healing and miracles - God’s power, healing the hurts of humanity.

Saturday, 3rd of March, 1974 was a turning point in my life.  Prophets from the U.S.A., Wallace Heflin and Jack Chappel were ministering in our church over several days.

God released me from struggling to live a life of faith into the revelation of God’s rest; His provision is always more than enough.  The call of God was mightily confirmed through prophecy from the men of God.

In June, 1975, I went on a mission and evangelistic trip to the Philippines with Reverend Arden Burrell, my Pastor, and Phil Lowe and the late Jeff Housen.  This trip was one month of the acts of the Holy Spirit.  We saw over a thousand converts, hundreds of miracles and healings.  We financed and built two churches.  It was a supernatural outpouring of God’s divine grace.


North Queensland

I received a phone call from the late Reverend Doctor David Cartledge in January, 1976, asking me to pioneer a church in northern Queensland.  So in April of that year we sold our new home, packed our two young children in the car, and left Victoria, heading north to Townsville, Queensland, to be under the spiritual covering of David Cartledge.  We remained in Townsville, with David and his wife, Marie, until he felt we were ready to commence the new work he had called us for.  We shifted to Ingham in September, 1976 and began to build a church there. 

In those days we were privileged to sit under the ministry of Kenneth Hagin, Snr., from the United States, who laid his hands upon us ministers and imparted the power of the Holy Spirit.  From that time miracles and healings began to happen.


The Wimmera

In February, 1984, we shifted back to Victoria and took over a young pioneer work at Horsham.  At that time it comprised a group of around 25 people.  God greatly blessed the work and by 1991 we built a large church on 5 acres of ground.

During our time at Horsham we saw many hundreds of decisions for Christ.  The church grew to become a church of 300 plus people, and was the ‘mother’ church to several other churches that we started in the district.

We regularly invited prophets into our church, from 1986 on, who mightily impacted the church and our lives.


During a trip to Toronto in January, 1995, I was mightily impacted by the Holy Spirit at the Vineyard Church, Pastored by John and Carol Arnott.  There came a new dimension of the power, joy, life and vitality in our church.

Our journey with God, being led by the Spirit of God, is an exciting, ongoing experience that the called of faith can walk.  Jesus left us an example, that we should follow in His steps; 1 Peter 2:21

In June, 2001, we left Harvest Christian Church, Horsham, after being Senior Pastors there for 17 years and 4 months of very successful ministry.  We went full time into itinerant healing ministry, by faith.  In the State of Victoria, we have ministered in 70 towns.



Ministry Experience

Senior Pastors from 1976 – 2001.  Twenty-five years of very successful ministry.  Endowed with God’s grace we saw over 700 decisions for Christ, some 480 baptised in water, hundreds baptised in the Holy Spirit, numbers of healings and miracles.

  • Served as Western District Leaders for the Assemblies of God In Victoria
  • Served on the A.O.G. Victorian State Executive for 6 years.
  • Served on the Board of Karobran New Life Centre, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, for 12 years.

Ministered internationally in the following countries:       

        Philippines                     Papua New Guinea                                                    

        Thailand                         Singapore

        New Zealand                   India

        South Africa                   Uganda


In all of my years of ministry my wife, Cherylene, has been my constant support and companion.  She has, for many years now, been a very capable and anointed minister of the Word of God in her own right.